Three Ways To Stay Fit Off The Soccer Pitch – Keeping Your Body In Soccer Shape

Its always disheartening as an athlete when you go to perform and you are simply not feeling your best or are not in the top physical condition that you now you can be in.  The game of soccer requires an extreme amount of physical exertion and especially for those at the highest levels of the sport which is why we feel active an avid soccer players should not only be improving on the pitch but off it as well.  Most of us realize that practice at any one physical activity can go along ways towards getting better at that particular sport but we also must always remember that what we do while away from the game can have a huge impact on performance as well.  With so many personal and professional obligations that we all face it is very easy to lose sight of those outside intangibles that can really help us in our game day soccer performances.  While few things can replace repetitious work on the field lets take a look at few of the areas we always focus on when away from the stadium and practice that also play major roles in how we feel and interact during those intense game day matches.

Soccer Fitness Focus Number One When Not Playing: Follow A Healthy Diet

After a hard soccer workout or hard day of practice it is easy to fall into the trap  of eating not as healthy as we should be.  It may be lack of time due to games and practice or the justification that you just burned off a lot calories so its okay to cheat a bit but the reality is that there is no reason we as athletes should not always be focusing on our diet and eating habits.  Few things account for how you body feels as much as food and drinks do so this is a topic we always like to keep near and dear to the heart as active soccer players.

Soccer Fitness Focus Number Two When Not Playing: Find An Exercise Program

Just because you play a lot of soccer does not mean you should completely forget about exercise and working out.  Soccer requires lots of different strengths and muscle use and it pays huge dividends to workout both on and off the field.  The key here is to find an exercise program that works well for you and your lifestyle and one of the best ways to do is by reading up on your online options like what is seen at this CIZE review.  When you are focused on fitness even away from the game better results will transpire when playing and this should be the ultimate goal for anyone trying to improve there soccer game.

Soccer Fitness Focus Number Three When Not Playing: Use Sport Specific Training Tools

As a soccer training tool company we know as well as anyone just how valuable sport specific training can be during downtime.  The very best in sports usually eat, breath and live the action at all times and training tools that travel well and work well in different environments are the perfect way to keep your skills focused and sharp even when you do not have access to on field training.  When you keep your mind and body constantly centered around the sport you are trying to improve in you put yourself in a much better position to excel and training tools are the perfect avenue to do just that.  If you could pick any soccer training tool to work with which one would it be?

Three Items To Take To Your Next Soccer Match – Ideas To Make Your Next Soccer Outing Even More Enjoyable

5-things-to-do-before-a-soccer-matchOne of our favorite aspects of soccer is that it encourages you to get outside and exercise or enjoy a captivating sport as a spectator.  A chance to spend time with friends and family, root for our favorite players and teams and develop our athletic ability soccer is a universal love that reaches to the far ends of the earth.  A truly global sport that crosses cultures easily its one of the few activities in the world that can bring all people together.  An athletic outlet meant to be fun and positive there are many positives that can come from watching or playing the great game that is soccer.  From the world cup to the Summer Olympics to million dollar clubs and leagues all over the globe, soccer contests are an integral and loved part of all societies and something we all should probably partake more in.  If you are planning to attend more soccer matches as a fan or player here are a few items we think everyone should consider bringing that can make the time on the pitch even more enjoyable.

Soccer Item To Consider Bringing To Your Next Match Number One: Team Gear

We all have favorite teams and players and when it comes to soccer the jerseys, club logos, team gear and accessories all provide a vibrant and colorful opportunity to represent sources of pride and spirit.  Wearing team soccer gear can not only really get you in the mood to enjoy the sport but also gives you an immersion experience that you simply can not get from wearing regular clothes.  If you are actually playing it can be a thrill to wear a favorite jersey and it always amazes us how pumped up and motivated one can become when trying to mimic their favorite stars and part of that comes down to what you wear.  It goes without saying also that if you are playing try to get the best gear possible and if at all possible try to get in styles that highlight why you are a fan of soccer.

Soccer Item To Consider Bringing To Your Next Match Number Two: Vape Pen and Wax Pen

More related to watching then playing, vaping while enjoying a soccer match can be a great way to relax and really enjoy a contest on the pitch.  Soccer is a fast paced game with lots of movement making it an ideal sport to fire up the vaporizer pen, dab pen or wax pen to for a little rest and relaxation.  Vaping is a perfect hobby to enjoy outdoors and so is soccer and the two can go really well together when mixed appropriately.  If you could pick your dream soccer game to vape and watch or attend which one would it be?

Soccer Item To Consider Bringing To Your Next Match Number Three: A Travel Cooler

Food, drinks and sports will always go hand in hand and what better way to relish in a soccer game then having a portable travel cooler full of your favorite snacks and drinks.  The travel ice chests are getting so sophisticated these days that the options and features are just to impressive to pass up anymore when it comes to getting involved in our favorite sports.  Regardless if you are watching the game at a friends house or traveling to your favorite soccer stadium think about bringing a travel cooler with your favorite beverages and food as it will only make the time that much better.

The Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup – Kicking Soccer Popularity Up A Notch

One of the most talked about events in soccer and even all the sports the FIFA World Cup is always a sight to see.  Highly anticipated and only occurring every 4 years its a meeting of all the best players in the world coming together to compete and represent their respective countries.  Its an amazing opportunity to see the best players and strikers in the world battle against each other in some of the most competitive soccer that exists on earth.  Changing host countries each event also gives the FIFA World Cup a special international feel that is often unmatched in sports elsewhere other then maybe the Olympics.  With so many great players gathering in one place its a great time to look at some of the numbers and facts to see how truly great the game of soccer really is.  Lets check out this Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup history KNCTR soccer infographic to get a feel for just how amazing soccer truly is.


2014 FIFA World Cup Fun Fact and Stat #1: 45 Years, The Amount of Time Adidas Has Been Making The 32 Panel Leather Ball For The World Cup. The Definitive Design For Soccer Balls

What we love about this little piece of history is that it shows while the game progresses every year there are still some constants to take advantage of and on of those is the shape, design and feel of the actual soccer ball.  The beautiful part of soccer is that the ball never changes which is why the QuinSpin kick improvement system works so well.  Its based on scientific data and analysis that is time tested and built for the long haul.  The ball never changes which is exactly why your ability to strike it can for the better when you understand the physics and other sciences behind it.

2014 FIFA World Cup Fun Fact and Stat #2: Referees Used Goal Line Monitoring Technology For The First Time Ever

The fact is we are finding new and innovative ways to introduce technology into the sport of soccer which we hope to do with the QuinSpin soccer ball strike and flight analysis system.  At the past World Cup they equipped every goal with seven cameras each to capture every action, angle and moment near the goal which is great for the game.  Soccer is a game of inches and plays can often end up very controversial so anything that can make the game clearer and more fair is a good thing.  We hope the QuinSpin technology changes striking performance around the world just as goal line cameras hope to enhance the soccer viewing and playing experience.

2014 FIFA World Cup Fun Fact and Stat #3: 909.6 Million, Viewership At The 2010 World Cup Final Between Spain and the Netherlands

What is very clear is that a lot of people love soccer around the world.  From playing to watching soccer is happening twenty four hours a day seven days a week which is pretty amazing when you think about it.  A truly global bond that needs little more then a ball and a place to kick it Soccer is a sport we can all come together for and enjoy.  Trying to enhance and improve your own soccer game?  Check out the QuinSpin soccer ball strike and flight analysis program and take your soccer striking skills to the next level.