The Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup – Kicking Soccer Popularity Up A Notch

One of the most talked about events in soccer and even all the sports the FIFA World Cup is always a sight to see.  Highly anticipated and only occurring every 4 years its a meeting of all the best players in the world coming together to compete and represent their respective countries.  Its an amazing opportunity to see the best players and strikers in the world battle against each other in some of the most competitive soccer that exists on earth.  Changing host countries each event also gives the FIFA World Cup a special international feel that is often unmatched in sports elsewhere other then maybe the Olympics.  With so many great players gathering in one place its a great time to look at some of the numbers and facts to see how truly great the game of soccer really is.  Lets check out this Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup history KNCTR soccer infographic to get a feel for just how amazing soccer truly is.


2014 FIFA World Cup Fun Fact and Stat #1: 45 Years, The Amount of Time Adidas Has Been Making The 32 Panel Leather Ball For The World Cup. The Definitive Design For Soccer Balls

What we love about this little piece of history is that it shows while the game progresses every year there are still some constants to take advantage of and on of those is the shape, design and feel of the actual soccer ball.  The beautiful part of soccer is that the ball never changes which is why the QuinSpin kick improvement system works so well.  Its based on scientific data and analysis that is time tested and built for the long haul.  The ball never changes which is exactly why your ability to strike it can for the better when you understand the physics and other sciences behind it.

2014 FIFA World Cup Fun Fact and Stat #2: Referees Used Goal Line Monitoring Technology For The First Time Ever

The fact is we are finding new and innovative ways to introduce technology into the sport of soccer which we hope to do with the QuinSpin soccer ball strike and flight analysis system.  At the past World Cup they equipped every goal with seven cameras each to capture every action, angle and moment near the goal which is great for the game.  Soccer is a game of inches and plays can often end up very controversial so anything that can make the game clearer and more fair is a good thing.  We hope the QuinSpin technology changes striking performance around the world just as goal line cameras hope to enhance the soccer viewing and playing experience.

2014 FIFA World Cup Fun Fact and Stat #3: 909.6 Million, Viewership At The 2010 World Cup Final Between Spain and the Netherlands

What is very clear is that a lot of people love soccer around the world.  From playing to watching soccer is happening twenty four hours a day seven days a week which is pretty amazing when you think about it.  A truly global bond that needs little more then a ball and a place to kick it Soccer is a sport we can all come together for and enjoy.  Trying to enhance and improve your own soccer game?  Check out the QuinSpin soccer ball strike and flight analysis program and take your soccer striking skills to the next level.

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